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About Ben

Ben White is a multi-talented artist with a wide range of creative skills, specializing in illustration, user experience (UX) design, and caricature art. Born in Ohio in 1997 to a Computer Technology Coordinator and an X-Ray Technician, Ben's passion for drawing began at a young age when he taught himself by replicating the work of comic artists like Bill Watterson and Gary Larson. He went on to study Digital Art at Bowling Green State University, earning a degree in Liberal Studies with summa cum laude honors.

During college, Ben honed his skills as a caricature artist, working at Cedar Point and the Toledo Zoo, where he gained valuable experience in customer satisfaction and illustration. After a brief stint as a Pizzaiolo chef, he embarked on a career as an Illustrator and User Experience Designer for Applied Learning Labs and Metaphor. In this role, Ben spends his days drafting webpages and application features, while also providing additional illustrative work for clients. He is responsible for developing eLearning modules, illustrations, video tutorials, and other creative products, and contributes to the design and development of apps within the company.

Outside of his day job, Ben offers freelance services including branding, logo design, t-shirt designs, album art, and portraits. As a caricature artist, he entertains guests at weddings, fairs, and festivals, delighting them with his unique style that blends line and color to capture the subtleties of his subjects. Ben approaches all of his endeavors with professionalism, skill, and passion, ensuring that his clients are impressed and delighted with the end result.
Ben White drawing at his Caricature Stand at a fair